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  1. How To Keep The Creative Spark

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    As a studio, there are some great artists and creative houses that we love to follow and to be honest, sometimes we can’t help but drool over their work and muse about their creativity.

    Naturally, human beings are drawn to the unique, stunning and spectacular of others. We forget that we are all creatives irrespective of our field of specialization. There is boundless creativity inside each of us. Creativity provides fulfillment and adds meaning to our lives. But what differentiates us is the courage to release the creative spirit into action.

    We live in a fast and new world; fast foods, new toys, fast internet, new fashion line, new campaign. There is something new at every corner of the street with every passing second. As  creatives sometimes it is easy to feel deprived of ideas in a world competing for ideas. But guess what? Creativity sells today. But it doesn’t come that easy. Companies are willing to spend bucks on a winning creative idea that will put them on the top.

    Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought. ~ Albert Einstein

    While most people may think great ideas are got on a fly, it is not the case. There is a lifestyle behind every creative idea – some sort of personality and discipline. Much as creativity is innate, to blossom it has to be stirred. As a studio, there are certain things we do to stay creative and we want to inspire you with some of them.

    Read Read Read

    Reading not only exercises the brain but opens one to a new and different world of ideas that are unknown to us. We read books on creativity and blogs related to what we do like African Digital Art, Wine after Coffee, Creative BloqPentagram and many others. But we also mix it up with other arts like Bored Panda and Creators project.


    What are They Doing?

    Creative people don’t operate in box. There are so many people doing what you are doing. Looking at other people’s work is another way of staying creative. It helps you break your creative block and clears the air. It opens up your mind to what other people are doing in your field.

    The Stadium toolkit software developed by The Mill

    Particles-off Dance-off reel created by Method Studios for AICP

    In house projects

    Once in awhile we organize projects that aim at sharpening our creativity. One of such is  what we call ‘Design Kwepena’. The concept is to bring up a random idea and then have the whole team work out something creative around the idea. If you are an individual seeking to stir your creativity, challenge yourself with an idea and creatively work through it. You will be amazed at the results. You can always share your experience with us.


    Nobody likes the sound of that. But there is no ending to studying for as along as we still breath. Knowledge is power, Francis Bacon once said. To stay creative, we study.  There are numerous courses online that allows one attend a global class, interact with different people around the world and allows you share your experience. In turn you get inspired, exposed and ultimately your creativity grows.



    We usually share our work as creatives and allow other people to critique it. Most people are uncomfortable with criticism but when embraced, criticism drives towards self improvement and success. It engages your mind to think outside the box. It reveals to you possibilities of what can be achieved beyond what you had imagined.


    Get Lazy

    Sleep, Play video games, eat out, eat chocolate, work out, spend time with family, go to church, sew, bake, play football, listen to Lingala, sip vodka. All these activities will stimulate your brain to new ideas. Except vodka.



    If one day you wake up and there is no force and drive to do what you’ve always loved doing, then it is one indication that you are losing interest. Passion is the driving force of creativity. It will drive you to do all the above. You can lose anything in this world but not your passion.

    Albert Einstein defines creativity as seeing what others see and thinking what no one else has ever thought. He says everyone is a genius. You can choose to believe that.

    Creative individuals are remarkable and they live full blast lives.

  2. Why You Need To Stay In the Game

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    Let’s face it! We are weird.

    And maybe that is why we are not understood.

    Who in the typical Ugandan setting drops the envied engineering job to become a photographer? Who forsakes a promising career in law to pursue music or fashion? Who lets loose the white gown, throws open the doors of med school to chase his dream in film? This is ridiculous, top notch insanity.

     But we are artists. And just maybe, we are not wackos.

     Here’s the ID

    Art is deeply ingrained in the African being. It is apart of us, as is the radiant sun that rises over the plains. The oldest art form in the world was found on the continent and is believed to have existed 100,000 years ago.

    Art is deeply ingrained in the African being. It is apart of us, as is the radiant sun that rises over the plains.

    Let’s not be shy about it. Art is our identity. In ancient times, art was royalty. It glorified persons of rank. African art was multi-functional: it served as a handmaiden of government, religion, and even economics. It also served to entertain. Africans lived this aesthetic life of art.

    It only gets better with technology today.

    We are the Homeboys

    Starting out in a rather unrecognized industry was like dipping feet in water and hoping you won’t get wet. It is easier being a lawyer because everyone believes it is the epitome of success but it is harder being an artist because everyone tends to think you are going to fail.

    So we got soaked in some of these challenges and more. After seven years in the industry, we have survived to tell a story of endurance and a story of possibilities.

     In the art world you got to compromise, kill the norm, choose to be different, and see what other people don’t see.

    The Seventh Creed stems from this analogy. For a long time, businesses big and small threw the homeboys out of the window and shipped work to Kenya and South Africa because creative work made in Uganda was awful.

    But we determined to write a different story. We believed that Ugandans would make great creative work locally. We chose to believe that we are rare and we possess divergent minds. We have what it takes to troubleshoot creative problems and we want businesses to trust us.

    For seven years this is what we’ve lived for. But it is much more than that. It is being purposeful and relevant to society. We don’t just aspire to do great work, we create work that is functional and adds value to people’s lives.

    Sometimes you’ve got to see yourself through a different lens. In the art world you got to compromise, kill the norm, choose to be different, and see what other people don’t see.

    That is the essence of creativity.

    So artist, art is amazing. Enjoy the ride.