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  1. The Diehard Thing

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    It is true that fans make stars but they also make family. We learnt this earlier starting out the creative journey and it is on this pretext that we considered connecting with our fans every festive season. Christmas is a feel-good season that creates just the right atmosphere to give gifts.

    Over the years, we set out to organize subtle but meaningful fan campaigns that gave us a chance to connect with those people that care about what we do. Those people that stop by office just to check on us, inbox us those encouraging messages when we’ve reached the end of our tether, those guys that blow our trumpet the loudest.

    #AddmayaBox 2015

    Wish Upon a Star, Three Wise Men are some of the names that identified the past campaigns. However, this year, we needed a name that is representative of the event and could eventually become a household name that people talk about and look forward to.

    boxDesigns from the past campaigns.

    Through a brainstorm, we arrived at  The Addmaya Box! Needless to say, the name satisfied our expectations. It wasn’t long before everyone was talking about the Addmaya Box.

    Unlike the past campaigns where we set questions for our fans to figure out and win gifts, we gave it a different twist this time.

    We identified eight Addmaya diehards and tasked them to vie for votes on social media to win the coveted Apple Watch and The Amazon Echo for the winner and runner up respectively.

    12366414_1065951023438332_3994876240953620715_nThe 8 diehards that participated in the #AddmayaBox

    For a moment we thought Facebook was going to shut us down.

    The participation from the contestants blew us away. For a moment we thought Facebook was going to shut us down. Lol! Day after day, votes kept accumulating on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Internally, it was a question of how we were going to add up all the votes. Contestants created hashtags, designed shirts with our logo, created pages, designed minions and videos.

    After a vigorous voting process, Solange Nolan emerged winner and Lynn kirabo runner up.

    _Q8A2158T-shirts designed by  Solange 


    It was a beautiful morning. The sun was peeping out the clouds after long awhile. One by one, the team and the fans filled the table reserved for us for the Addmaya Box Breakfast at Cafe Javas. Like old time friends, there were loud pats on the shoulder, firm handshakes and hugs. More than the food, was the love expressed through the interactions and the deep words that were said about the team.

    _Q8A2073#AddmayaBox breakfast at Cafe Javas in Kamwokya.

    “ Addmaya is a beautiful African fairytale. If you ever wander from any of the things that make Addmaya what it is, I will personally come and cane you,” Onyait Odeke a diehard fan warned.

    “ Addmaya is a beautiful African fairytale. If you ever wander from any of the things that make Addmaya what it is, I will personally come and cane you.” ~  Onyait Odeke

    The fans also shared their experiences participating in the Addmaya box challenge.

    Edward Merik , a contestant who has participated in all the fan campaign says this campaign was different.

    “ This campaign was the most stretching compared to the past campaigns. It taught me to value friends and relationships. The person with more friends definitely won. I now no longer take a like or comment for granted,” Edward recounts.

    Lynn Kirabo, the runner up shared her experience of a friend who promised to vote for and instead hoaxed her and voted another person.

    The Apple Label

    It’s a world of labels. I don’t know your taste but we love Apple. It is not about just giving out any kind of gift. We always want to give the best – something that we wish was ours.

    _Q8A2204Lynn and Peter holding the Apple Watch.

    “ We give away products that add value to people’s lives and that is why we choose Apple products because they are very functional. Some people may say why the expensive gifts. What’s the point? To us, this is the only way to create satisfaction and actually connect with people who genuinely care,” says Arthur Nakkaka, the Art Director.

    The Apple Watch was awarded to Solange. But where was the Amazon Echo for Lynn? We all waited in anticipation as she unwrapped her gift and to everyone’s surprise, it was an Apple Watch! Whoa!!

  2. Who Cares About The Year?

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    We do! Here at Addmaya, 2015 has been a year of moments of great worth. A year of sad goodbyes, movember workouts, long work days, exciting outings, challenging opportunities and beautiful additions. We celebrate milestones, achievements and we celebrate one another.

    Dive in and enjoy our journeys.

    _Q8A8974Arthur Nakkaka, Design Director

    An Intentional Team

    After putting off the recalibration of  the Addmaya website for two years, there is no better day to celebrate than the 4th of August 2015 when we launched the new Addmaya website. Though controversial, the IPO [Improved Portfolio Online] reveal was daring, exciting and crazy. I learnt that if you strive to please everybody, you end up doing mediocre work.

    The new Responsive Addmaya website

    The other thing that stands out for me is the fact that this year we have been more intentional about working as a team. We engaged in activities such as ‘Design kwepena’ where we solved design problems in groups, Movember workouts that got us jogging around Bugolobi and a corporate team building camp with ‘Quest for Excellence‘. We’ve been able to relate better and work more openly. 2016 is going to be a greater year. I’m very expectant.

    _Q8A9324Pascal Kavuma, 3D Artist+Illustrator

    Great Lunch Breaks

    There has been a lot of growth in the team this year especially in terms of skill development. Personally, there has been something new for me to learn from every project. The ‘Out of the Box’ project, exposed me to cut-out stop motion, something extremely out of the ordinary. I’m proud to say am not the same person since the year started.

    It is amazing working with great people. Everyone has sacrificed to have projects accomplished. My best moments have been the lunch breaks. We sit as a team and talk about just anything, laugh out loud and enjoy each other’s company.

    _Q8A9025Sylvia Bamusiime, Cinematographer

    Refined by Mistakes

    It’s the mistakes I have made in my line of work that have refined me to what I am today. Usually, I’m used to working with a Director at any shoot, however, there was this one time I was solely required to conduct a shoot. I freaked out and I messed up really bad. I had the camera frame rates wrong. On another shoot with high profile people, again without a Director, I messed up. I got a reality check! I knew it was time to face my fears and stop anything from blocking me from doing a great job.

    I got a reality check! I knew it was time to face my fears and stop anything from blocking me from doing a great job. ~Sylvia

    The next big photo shoot I had with Silver fleet was epic and I mean EPIC! I am so grateful that the Directors have trusted me with big company projects.

    _Q8A9191Dennis Arthur Abou, Producer

    Just Don’t Break Your Neck

    Producing ACIA whole handedly was a milestone in my career as a producer. It taught me a lot especially paying attention to small details. I remember we had done everything and at the last minute when we had drawn the fire trail, we realized that we didn’t have match stick to light it up.

    Working with Addmaya is an amazing experience. You are allowed to spin your head on the floor as long as you don’t break your neck. The discipline here has helped me grow in other areas of my life.

    _Q8A8917David Kiirya, 3D Artist+Animator

    Dream Come True

    Joining the team as a 3D Artist has been my greatest highlight this year. I always admired the work Addmaya did and only dreamt of working with them.  But as I watched the company’s 2015 reel with the rest of the team, it was a dream come true for me. At last I was part of The Team.

    There is so much I have learnt, from adjusting to a whole new working experience to pushing myself out of the comfort zone and discovering my niche in the team. The projects here can really be challenging but exciting. My best project was the Vodafone Night Bundle TVC. It challenged my skills to another level.

    _Q8A8936Peter Mukiibi, Creative Director

    Who Did That?

    Working with the Addmaya team has shocked me by how much people know in regards to what they contribute. Projects have duly left me in awe. There is so much talent that is untapped and a freshness you get working with someone for the first time – a beauty from a place of not knowing and approaching problems in unique ways.

    Nevertheless, the greatest challenge was losing members of the team and the fear of moving on without them. They were very talented and we both gave each other a lot and so I wasn’t scared for where they were going. It was tough but the team was blessed with new people equally skilled.

    I see Addmaya doing stuff that transcends what we are already known for next year. People will have to first ask who did that before discovering it is Addmaya.

    People will have to first ask who did that before discovering it is Addmaya. ~Peter

    _Q8A9255Fred Jackson Lwere, Accountant

    Those Buddies…!

    When I reminisce about the year, Richard, Allan, Derrick and Isaac come to mind. They played a significant role in the team and they will forever be part of Addmaya. It was a scary and exciting moment of losing people and meeting new people and learning how to work with them.

    Nonetheless, Addmaya is making 7 years next year and  biblically, seven is a perfect divine number that symbolizes comfort, completeness and perfection.

    Nonetheless, Addmaya is making 7 years next year and  biblically, seven is a perfect divine number that symbolizes comfort, completeness and perfection. ~Fred

    naava-gladysGladys Naava, Copywriter

    Keep Learning

    It has been a journey of growth especially as a writer. There is this guy called Arthur who never lets me off the hook until I have written a great piece. I honestly appreciate the belief that the Directors have in us.

    I remember when I had just joined the team, I would tell my friends about Addmaya and how I thought the team was made up of geniuses. I would say to myself, ‘I want to be like these geniuses.’ I don’t know if I’m a genius yet but one thing I know for sure is that I am a better person. There is no end to learning and that is what makes the team tick!

    To me, everyday at Addmaya has been a new day to not only work with great people but to also learn new things and exploit the gifts and abilities God blessed me with. The work ethic here is world class. I love it here!

  3. The Power Behind Intentional Living

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    Live to lead is an annual conference organized by the John Maxwell Company. Broadcasted in several countries all over the world, it is a leader development experience designed to equip people with new perspectives, practical tools and key takeaways.

    Held at the Kampala Serena Hotel, Addmaya’s team was in attendance for this year’s conference and there was so much to learn.  At 68 years of age, leadership guru John Maxwell is well positioned to enlighten the world on the abandoned topic of Intentional Living.

    Why Intentional Living?

    So many times our lives are lived on the edge of societal expectations. It is like a programed process of human existence that is inevitably ingrained in our systems. You need to be born, go to kindergarten, primary school, high school and definitely get that degree from a recognized University. What’s next after that, you ask yourself. And society always has the answer. ‘You need to build your career, get married and don’t forget to have kids.’ Compulsions and impulsions characterize our lives on a daily basis.

    Through a live stream broadcast, Maxwell imparted crucial life lessons that can easily be discarded as unimportant or inconveniencing to practice. The word for leaders was that at the core of intentional leadership is intentional living.

    IMG_8256.1JPGA live broadcast of John Maxwell teaching in Victoria Hall at Kampala Serena Hotel.

    Peter Mukibi, Creative Director here at Addmaya says that from the conference he learnt that a leader has to give 100% everyday.

    ‘Your actions today determine your destiny so you have to layout your goals and adjust your priorities accordingly.You have to be intentional.  Success is about me and significance is about others. It’s one thing to have good intentions but you have to act on them,’ Mukibi recounts.

    Unlike giving society, people and circumstances leverage to control our lives, intentional living is being in control of our lives. It means that we have to be deliberate, think through what we are going to do daily. Be consistent. Be who we say you are. Be reliable. And lastly be wilful. This means that we choose to live and lead our lives. You intentionally value, believe and love people.

    IMG_8002Ladies interacting after the conference.

    Why do we need to be intentional in our living? Clearly this phenomenon touches the most loved area of our lives – our comfort zones. It requires us to stretch our mental muscles by having to think through what we do everyday. Well before you get carried away by the little alibis, in his words, Maxwell says,

    ‘An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.’

    So do you want to be significant and successful? Consider living an intentional life. Intentional living moves you from good intentions to good acts. It transcends words to acts. It calls for intentional thinking. Intentional living inspires us to make everyday count. Maxwell nails it down by saying that the secret of our success is determined by what we do daily.

    IMG_8299It was about taking notes and paying attention.

    Life is not about going through the motions; waking up, going to work, catching up with friends at a café, getting back home, watching the news, going to sleep and repeating the whole cycle all over again the next day.

    The conference was attended by prominent companies and organizations such as Watoto, Uganda Revenue Authority, NBS Tv, Stanbic Bank to mention but a few.

    The event was also graced by other influential speakers; Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, best selling author, speaker and life coach, Valorie Burton and President of The Table Group, Pat Lencioni.