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  1. Power to the Story

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    Addmaya, together with Xtrim Casting and renowned Director of Photography, Musta of Ebony-Hue, joined forces to bring to life Vodafone Liverpool FC.

     The enthralling promo is a drive towards the Vodafone Liverpool FC Academy Soccer Camp. A concept birthed and developed by JWT, the TVC has a dramatic and cinematic aura that keeps you on the edge of your seat. But just how did the team go about this enchanting piece;

    The Picture

    Musta Abdallah: The visual direction for the video was a collective idea with the Director. We wanted to achieve a dreamy mood for the TVC and one of the ways to achieve the storyboards was playing with light. The light was out of the ordinary. Thanks to its big resolution, the Red Dragon camera with its 6K format, as well as the 36 per frame rates we used all helped in creating the mood.

    We employed different visual concepts depending on the scene. To achieve the early morning hazy scenery in the boy’s bedroom, we used a smoke machine and 4k par light to get the atmosphere. For the hospital scene where the baby was crying and laughing, the lighting had to be clean and we created shadows and depth for scenes when the baby was playing.

    Untitled-6The hazy atmosphere created in Luka’s room

    I loved the shoot because I got to try out shots that I had only seen in other videos. For example, when Luka kicks the ball towards the camera. I shot that at about 180 degrees which is a rare angle. Shooting from the upper box with Luka juggling the ball was quite interesting.

    I loved the shoot because I got to try out shots that I had only seen in other videos.

    ~ Musta, Cinematographer

    The Sound

    Hosea Jemba: Sound is usually the most complex to capture on any shoot but it was easier on this shoot. Using the Sennheiser 416 boom microphone, I captured guiding tracks that would help in lip syncing later in studio.

    Sound on location defines the atmosphere so we set out to achieve the clearest environment ambience to add a realistic feel to the video on top of the voice over.

    The Talent

    Rebecca Nanjego: With years experience in casting, getting the right talent for Vodafone Luka came easy. On set it took us about twenty minutes to get the cast and props ready. However, it took us about two months to source for a red wardrobe to suit the Vodafone brand colors.

    It took us about two months to source for a red wardrobe to suit the Vodafone brand colors.

    ~ Rebecca, Xtrim Casting

    The most unique skill we needed most for the shoot was a mother who would make her baby cry and laugh within short intervals. We also looked out for children with the ability to use facial expressions to convey emotions as well as young boys with football skills.

    Untitled-8Some of the talent that made the video

    What was so unusual and impressive at the same time was the short time it took us to film a shoot comprised of mainly children. In normal cases, children have a way of making shoots delay but that was not the case this time. They were very cooperative.

    The Design

    Francis Matovu: The direction for photography was to capture images that would later be precomposed. Before hitting the field, we collected a couple of pictures from the Internet that directed us on the poses, angle of field and side as well as the focal length at which the pictures were taken. We literally emulated all that to create the right football look.

    Untitled-1Pre composition flow of the photography

    And Finally…

    Peter Mukibi: The Vodafone Liverpool FC spot had an interesting storyline right from the beginning. Initially it was meant to be all done in 3D because we weren’t sure we had enough time to cast let alone get the right talent that would give us a believable performance. A lot of planning and back and forth went on with the agency to ensure we stayed true to the story. We were lucky to get 2 weeks of planning but between the shoot and delivery, post was only allocated 4 days. We had to work really hard to deliver the final within those days.

    The most outstanding thing was the level of collaboration among the different departments. Hats off for the DOP on set and the Photography team who are mainly responsible for all the stunning visuals. Then the Art Department at Addmaya who came in midway the production to bring the much older Luka ‘The Legend’ to life did a stunning job. While shooting, the person that was chosen to play Luka at 17 wasn’t as fit as your usual professional soccer players and he couldn’t pull off some of the things we were asking for but the team pushed him as hard to get what we needed. Sitting with Nelson of C19 was a great experience as we painted the soundscape bit by bit until we felt we couldn’t push it any further.

    All in all we were really blessed to have such a great team and pool of talent to work with.

    We were lucky to get 2 weeks of planning but between the shoot and delivery, post was only allocated 4 days. We had to work really hard to deliver the final within those days.

    ~ Peter, Addmaya

  2. How Addmaya turned Tap Tap on

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    In 2014, Bank of Africa Uganda introduced its Mobile Wallet, a mobile banking service that is equally convenient and arguably more efficient than telecom networks’ mobile money platforms, as a way to win back their customers from the ever growing mobile money craze.

    Despite rave reviews and positive feedback from their original wacky and dynamic TV spot that featured a lively mascot character explaining the service features, Bank of Africa (Uganda) failed to achieve their proposed target in terms of product usage for the service and felt they had to turn things around, FAST.

    bmw-oldThe wacky character from the first Bank of Africa Mobile Wallet campaign

    As seen on TV: The new Tap Tap TVC

    A Tap Tap Story

    When Bank of Africa finally decided to seek a new Advertising agency in December of 2014, Addmaya was amongst the agencies shortlisted to pitch ideas for an advertising campaign on getting the Mobile Wallet to the market.  

    Though not an Advertising Agency in the traditional sense of the word, the Bank, having previously worked with us on successful campaigns like Wezimbe and Vimba, felt that Addmaya had proper knowledge on the brand and clearly understood the product they wanted to sell.

    “Addmaya’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. They are the perfect production agency for a youthful, agile and vibrant brand.”

    Manuela Mulondo – Head of Marketing, Bank of Africa Uganda

    Our creative execution of the idea dubbed “Just What You Need.” is what won us the Pitch. The basic premise being that Ugandans love mobile money because of its convenience.

    Our strategy therefore was to try and show the public that this service was just as convenient and even simpler to use by leveraging the tag-line’s keyword “Just..” and coining phrases like “Just..Send It,” “Just…Transfer” “Just..Dive In”.

    justThe original approved direction for the campaign that won us the role of Creative Leads for the campaign


    In January 2015 however, a thorough review with the bank found the campaign still wanting in terms of the Bank’s targets and we were therefore asked to pivot from the original campaign idea and come up with something new altogether.

    One week of research and another two weeks of internal deliberation (and literally banging our heads against the wall) allowed us to tap into existing customer behaviours and mindsets from which we identified lots of opportunities that we could still leverage on;

    1. Mobile Money had its short falls in terms of the convenience of withdrawing and depositing money onto the account
    2. The Mobile Wallet service had a strong value proposition i.e it was a direct link from the users’ phones to their bank account
    3. The reasons many people disliked banks in general were pretty similar e.g long cues, inflexible hours, long forms for filling out etc. all of which were being solved by the new service.


    The idea was now simple: Show customers how the use of new technology(Mobile Wallet), would drastically improve their lives. How? By helping them “save time for the things that matter.”

    The communication of the idea needed to be simple, fresh, honest and all encompassing of what the Bank was trying to tell its customers. Thus the  “TAP TAP” campaign was born.

    bmw-changeOne of BMW’s strategic strengths that we believed we could leverage

    bmw-newIt all comes together: The new campaign Slogan

    The campaign slogan “TAP TAP”, we felt, represented a simplified version of exactly what Bank Of Africa’s Mobile Wallet offered customers:

    1. TAP on your phone, 
    2. TAP into your Bank account
    3. and PAY, SEND, WITHDRAW, DEPOSIT OR MANAGE your funds 

    Our next challenge was figuring out how to convey the message to the public. The campaign was meant to be a 360 Integrated marketing campaign, meaning all mediums(Print & Outdoor, Multimedia, Digital and one of our personal favorites Experiential)  had to be used uniquely and consistently in order to communicate the campaign idea. 

    Because the campaign was a usage campaign – encouraging more people to use the Mobile Wallet service – the proposed art direction all through the campaign(especially the print and outdoor) was one of physical expression/ body language.

    All the mediums therefore were created to take full advantage of this and capture strong moments in time that we felt expressed the ease of use of the service.


    After convincing the client on the TAP TAP campaign execution strategy, It was time to get our hands dirty and bring the campaign life. To try and ease the burden, Bank of Africa brought their new agency, Moringa Ogilvy into the fold to take on the Digital and Public Relations arms of the campaign.   


    The first step (in what turned out to be a gruelling exercise in mental fortitude) was to create concept artworks of the different proposed print and digital media and present them as real world mock-ups as a way to give the client a feel of how the target audience was going to interact with the campaign.

    “With 80 separate pieces of concept artwork (across newspapers, billboards, roadsters, brochures, posters and lots of merchandise) to design in less than 3 weeks. The pressure was really on to deliver which meant we were in for a couple of sleepless nights.”

    Isaac Ndahura – Print Lead, Addmaya

    Having three different organisations working on the same campaign, there was always going to be a challenge consolidating the feedback and communication between Addmaya, Moringa Ogilvy and the client. The sheer quantity of art pieces meant that getting clearance from the client on final copy and concept artwork would have been impossible had we decided to use regular channels. 

    To overcome this, we used a more unorthodox means of keeping everyone on the same page – a What’s App Group – yep the dreaded What’s App group that most people take for granted was on hand to save us a lot of hassle. It ensured that as soon as the graphics designers were done with a piece of artwork, it could be shared with the entire group and receive feedback from everyone almost simultaneously ensuring efficiency in the design process.   

    After agreeing on what artwork and copy best represented each of the ways we were going to reach the public, the next step was to successfully achieve in camera the honest yet expressive body language that we had envisioned for all the print and digital material.

    bmw-shoot-outOn location shooting the trenchcoat scene

    With the help of meticulous planning, renowned professional photographer Reinout Dujardin and an excellent support staff,  we managed to pull off the necessary shots within the space of 24 hours.

    The photography was carefully selected, placed into its respective templates across the different mediums, signed off and shipped off for final printing.

    bmw-shoot-inRenoit, our photographer gives a model some direction as he helps him out with a wardrobe malfunction.

    Radio & TV

    All while the graphics designers were handling the print and digital arms, there was another battle raging in the animation department – The Tap Tap Instructional Videos – Also on a tight deadline, Addmaya’s animation team had been tasked with creating a total of twelve 5-minute instructional videos to walk customers through using the various services of the Mobile Wallet. Despite making progress in leaps and bounds, significant changes to the internal workings of the mobile USSD system called for re-working of more than half of the original twelve videos in order to align it to the new workings of the USSD system.

    In all this time,we had not yet embarked on the multimedia (TV and Radio) side of things and we were closing in on D-Day.

    Still, we had to get the campaign jingle out of the way first as it was what was going to determine the tempo and shooting style for the thematic TV spot. For the purpose of encouraging the usage of the service, the radio jingle was based on the popular Jackson 5 song “ABC” as a play on it’s lyrics “..easy as 123.” The tricky part was staying away from the original song as much as we could so as to avoid unwanted legal trouble. 

    In the end, we pulled out all the stops with this one and hired 3 different recording studios, Micheal Fingerz for the original composition, C19 for the audio mastering, and FirstLove for the voice over. The end result was a master piece that drove the multimedia arm of the campaign.    

    Being the first guerrilla style shooting we had done for a TV spot that was meant to be the campaign trail blazer, the pressure was on to not just deliver but also do a good job. With the approved jingle guiding us, all we had to do now was  simply add the icing to the cake.

    Easier said than done. 

    The making of Tap Tap

    With just one week to the official launch of the campaign, we set out to pull-off a small miracle. Alas, every time we would head out to shoot, Uganda’s unpredictable weather showed its ugly head to hinder us. Eventually, the official launch was pushed by another two weeks which allowed us to traverse the beautiful city of Kampala and it’s outskirts, pulling out the camera whenever something tickled our fancy in addition to planned shooting of random people – from market vendors  to dancers to farmers – we wanted to show the emotion of excitement and we knew to do it well, it could not be faked.

    “The experience was totally new for us. Considering it was guerilla shooting, we did not know exactly what we were going to end up recording every day that we went out until we reviewed the footage at the end of the day. The tension, suspense and the eventual suprise at what we ended up with turned out to be lots of fun and a growing experience for us.”

    Peter Mukiibi – Creative Director, Addmaya

    When we finally pieced the whole thing together and added the jingle, it proved well worth the effort that we had put in. Now everything was officially ready for the public unveil, at the time, only three days away.

    The Launch

    With everything in place, the Agency’s media team had also wrapped up their end of the  Digital arm of the campaign, all was set for D-Day. The campaign launched on the 10th of June and will continue running for the remainder of the year. One thing is for sure though, this has been a whirl-wind of an adventure into the heart of Advertising – something that all at Addmaya one day dream of doing full-time. We are therefore very thankful to Bank of Africa for putting their trust in us and giving us the opportunity to build a campaign from the ground up. Also a special thank you to Moringa Ogilvy for showing us how the logistics of running an advertising campaign are handled.

    Tap Tap Art

    TV Stings










    Tapping Out

    Time will tell if our “ingenious” ideas will help the bank realise the Mobile Wallet’s true potential.

    In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for those newspapers, radio ads, billboards, TV spots, TV stings and many others as we attempt to influence public perceoption