Designing Strong Brand Identities Is The Game-changer For Businesses

  • 4 years ago
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Tuesday 4th August 2015, will be a day we live to remember. To unveil the new Addmaya website, we needed an idea that would draw attention. So we thought to ourselves, “Why not call the campaign IPO?” This awakened the business minds and attracted media attention, except we had a different definition, ‘Improved Portfolio Online’.

It turned out to be a love and hate moment for us. Hearts were broken for those that had their pennies saved however, others were overwhelmed by the audacity of the idea and instead fell in love with us.

Love From Nigeria

That is how Opidy, a Nigerian startup came into our courts. The Founder like many other people had his bucks ready but realizing it was prank, he laughed it off and proposed business to us.

An online social network, Opidy provides a new and better way of networking. It rules out unnecessary content and focuses on content that matters to users as well as helping users find opportunities related to their interests and needs. The platform covers both professional and unprofessional passions such as singing, cooking, mathematics, finance, careers, and many others.

When the client approached Addmaya, his desire was to have a visually memorable and user friendly brand identity for Opidy.

A great logo has to have a good story behind it, one that is true to the values of a company, it has to be memorable, versatile and also stand the test of time.

~ Arthur Nakkaka.

Take One

For Opidy to be successful, the Art Department determined that it had to be consumer friendly and exciting. Initially, we designed sketches that closely painted a picture of what the client wanted to achieve, however, he did not like them. He made it clear that he wanted a word mark not a pictorial logo.

Untitled-1Initial iterations of the Opidy logo

Going Back to the Drawing Board

We discovered that there within the mission of the company laid the answer.  “Being Opidy and it is about opportunities and people searching for opportunities, we thought we could mix the two concepts.” Arthur Nakkaka, the Project lead and Art Director explains. Thus the design ideas rolled off in two ways;


Everyone is searching for something in life. And today the only platform that seems to provide all answers is the Internet. Google simply has it all once you engage the search engine. So we thought it would be wise to incorporate the search icon in the logotype since it is very relatable.



The mission of Opidy is to help users find opportunities related to their interests and needs. We took advantage of the ‘O’ and gave it a new definition – Opportunity.


Friendly, Exciting And Adventurous

Joining the search and opportunity, we created a word mark revolves around a big O and within it is a search or magnifying glass. The symbol  represents Opidy as a platform visitors can use to find opportunities. Everybody has an impression about the color red. To some it speaks love, passion, connection, confidence, et cetera. According to the Psychology of Color, red is the color of energy. It’s associated with movement and excitement, and it attracts the eye. It is on this basis that it was opted for as  an ideal colour for the startup.

opidy_logo_3The final logo is a combination of a magnifying glass interwoven within the O. 

Satisfied that the iconic signature embodied all the brand virtues, the word mark was designed in capital letters to command a presence but to also ease readability.

To add some adventure and mystery to the design, the dot on the ‘I’ was intentionally misplaced. However the intent was to reecho the old adage that “opportunities are sometimes found in unexpected places”.


“A great logo has to have a good story behind it, one that is true to the values of a company, it has to be memorable, versatile and also stand the test of time,” says Arthur. One could assert that the success of any social media site is so much dependent on the make of its identity. And we believe it is the same for Opidy. Considering the distance between us and the client, communication was a challenge, however, when we broke through, he loved the work so much.

Opidy is a promising startup that has caught the attention of the world. It has been featured on Product Hunt, MediumBetaList and Launching Next.

Every company has a story to tell, an experience to sell. Addmaya positions brands, connects them with their audiences through powerful visual designs that highlight strong brand personality that stands out from competition.


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