The Seventh Creed

The Seventh Creed is the inner voice, the intuition that you were made to innovate, to inspire and to change. With a vision to redefine design in Uganda and help demystify it’s purpose in our daily lives, we started a journey…
7 years down, we are still hungry. We hold onto the future, not in isolation but with everyone that walks alongside us – our clients, family, friends, fans and fellow artists.
We appreciate you all.


Addmaya opens shop

Conceived as a result of the dissatisfaction with the quality and content on local TV, four friends with a diverse range of skills; Robert, Grace, Peter and Arthur came together with a vision to change the perception of film, TV and design in Uganda and help demystify it’s purpose in our daily lives.

After undergoing the necessary legal mambo jambo of registering a company, on 13 March 2009, Addmaya officially opened it’s doors to the world.

Dining table studio

With practically no money, we scrapped and borrowed a few shillings and hired a G5 Power PC from a good friend (Daniel Hama) and started working at the dining table in our house. Despite being small, the dinning accommodated the newly founded company perfectly.
As the company started to find its footing in the industry, the treasured dinning was abandoned for the bigger and more spacious garage of the same house.

Genesis: Addmaya’s first Mac

Team members originally had to use personal laptops in addition to the hired G5 Power PC but as more work came in, there arose a need to start acquiring in-house equipment we could call our own. On 15th December 2009 we were able to get enough money and bought our very first beast of a machine, the 2009 Quad-core Mac Pro with a 3.33GHz processor and 512MB NVIDIA GeForce GT that was appropriately dubbed “Genesis.” To this day, it is still an essential part of the company’s tech arsenal.


Better Living Our first TV show

As a new company with big ideas, Addmaya decided the best way to get noticed was by kicking it off with a bang. To challenge the status quo in TV programming then,we created our very first TV show, a health and lifestyle show entitled “Better Living” that aired on NTV a local station for the better part of the year 2010. By ensuring quality of content as well as production, the show garnered critical acclaim from the public as well as industry professionals.
The company had set a new standard and the biggest industry players in Uganda took notice.

Enter the Garage

In 2010, we could no longer work from the dining table due to our increased work load. More so, we wanted to escape the distraction that came with having a TV in front of us and visiting friends. It was time to get more serious. We decided to move to the garage within the house. Though small and not conducive at the start, we dusted it, designed it and it became our new office. It accommodated us and our work equipment.

The first fans’ Christmas Campaign

As Addmaya continued get recognition for their work, they gained numerous friends and grew a sizeable social media fan-base. Recognising the fans as an integral part of the company’s success, the team at Addmaya decided to give back to their fans. In the festive season of 2010, Addmaya held its first christmas campaign where it gave fans a chance to answer questions and win a variety of prizes ranging from company T.shirts to an Apple iPod mini.

From then onwards Addmaya has held seasonal campaigns, each more challenging than the last with the prizes getting bigger along the way. The most notable of these campaigns include “old skool love,””three wise gifts,” and the biggest to date “wish upon a star.”

The Addmaya christmas campaign, especially, is now one of the most anticipated events on Uganda’s social media calendar.


Pascal joins Addmaya

With even bigger plans still ahead, there was a need to grow the team. We needed equally talented individuals with a personal drive and unique abilities that shared the company vision of advancing film, TV and design. Pascal Kavuma, a self-taught 3D animator fresh from University was taken on as an intern to help drive forward the 3D arm of the company. He now sits as the Head of the Animation Department.

He joined Fred Lwere the tireless finance manager. Other members that joined the team were Richard Musinguzi, a talented artist & animator, Isaac Ndahura a passionate and resourceful graphics designer and Allan Lukwago a relentless computer programmer and 3D artist.

Goodbye Garage

2011 is the year Addmaya bid farewell to the garage. The consistent success and assured client satisfaction from all projects taken on meant the Addmaya spaceship had finally landed and was here to stay. This made easier a unanimous decision to upgrade the working premises. The team packed up their bags and machines and made the trek (as short as it may have been) from their small garage to the larger more spacious apartment office next door that is still to this day “The Hub” of the company’s operations.


KFM – Addmaya’s first 3D animated TV spot

Shortly after Pascal was hired, Addmaya took on their first (of many) 3D jobs for the rebrand of local radio station KFM. Granted creative freedom to run with this 3D spot, from concept to execution to roll-out Addmaya pulled off what will go down in our history as a major milestone, we had hit the nail right on the head with the first go. The TV ad was well received by both the client and the public, playing a major role in the success of the radio station’s re branding.

The success of “KFM:Discover your K” and “Orange:High Speed Internet” gave us confidence to take on even greater challenges on a day to day basis in a period where Addmaya grew it’s clientele.

Uganda turns 50, Monitor makes 20

As Uganda was celebrating the Golden Jubilee, we were hired to do a TV spot for the 20th Anniversary for The Daily Monitor, a local newspaper publication. The project posed some of the most trying obstacles that Addmaya has faced to-date and with its completion raised the in-house bar in terms of project execution and finishing. A bar below which we could not afford to fall.


Addmaya wins Young Achievers Award 2013

All of Addmaya’s unrelenting hardwork came to the ultimate culmination on November 23rd 2013 when we were awarded the “Overall Young Achievers” accolade, the top prize at the 2013 Young Achievers Awards. Needless to say tears were shed and the cheers and celebrations went on into the wee hours of the night.

“It was the proudest moment of all our careers” – Peter Mukiibi, Creative Director


Addmaya expands into the Sky

The year 2013 also brought with it a need for expansion. The size of the Addmaya team had grown beyond what “The Hub” office could comfortably accommodate so we decided to spread our wings and rent a second office space to help cater for the larger team and greater workload. This office was dubbed “The Sky Office.” A play on its location atop the neighbouring apartment building.

With our greatest career achievement thus far still fresh in our minds, the team was not about to let up. The start of the year 2014 brought with it another notable client, the international environmental conservation agency WWF, who had taken notice of Addmaya’s creative prowess. They asked that the company partner with them for a noble cause known as Earth Hour (a campaign that encourages every individual no matter how different to do their part to save the earth from the many threats she faces today). Addmaya was to be made responsible for all Earth Hour related print materials. Call it giving back to the universe or even trying to pay God back for being so kind to them, the decision to say yes was a no-brainer for the Addmaya team.

Hi 5 – Addmaya turns 5

On March 13 2014, Addmaya celebrated its fifth birthday. This was a great achievement considering nearly 60% of Ugandan start ups collapse with in their first three years of existence and another 20% in their next two.

From the very beginning, Addmaya determined to be a distinctive company you go to when you want something done differently from what has become the norm in design and production.


Tap Tap Win. Our first 360 ad campaign

When the going gets tough, the tough get going so the old adage goes. When Bank of Africa approached us to execute the Tap Tap campaign, we knew this was going to be our first major 360 advertising project. Instead of looking at it as a challenge, we viewed it as a dare and we worked harder.

The campaign is one of the iconic projects that stands out in our story. We effectively and creatively communicated the mobile banking message using all the media platforms. It marks the beginning of an adventurous journey to influence integrated marketing.

Addmaya unveils Improved Portfolio Online

“Continuance proves authenticity, you can tell how real something is by how it continues and endures” – T.D Jakes.
Addmaya has been tried and tested and is being refined. In the six years, we have achieved constant team and personal growth in terms of skills, personality, creative thinking and leadership.

As we mark six years, we look back on the impact we have had on design and production in Uganda and it is remarkable. For this reason we put together a bold new website and reel that are modern and refined to capture our achievements in film, TV and design. Both are expressions of what the firm stands for and capture the breadth of work done since inception.