Addmaya Reel 2015

The 2015 Addmaya reel is some what a journey of mystery, telling a story of our work over the years. The choice of music was intentionally calm to allow the visuals to live in this one harmonious montage.

Our latest reel reveals the hard work put in over the years and something to behold. It’s worth every replay.

Design & Digital, Film Production & Visual Effects, TV commercials, branding & content

addmaya-reel-2015-1 addmaya-reel-2015-2 addmaya-reel-2015-3 addmaya-reel-2015-4 addmaya-reel-2015-5 addmaya-reel-2015-6 addmaya-reel-2015-7 addmaya-reel-2015-8 addmaya-reel-2015-9 addmaya-reel-2015-10 addmaya-reel-2015-11 addmaya-reel-2015-12 addmaya-reel-2015-13 addmaya-reel-2015-14