Cantata Tale of 3 kings

A Tale of Three Kings was a blend of Watoto Church Christmas carols, locally written music, incredible imagery, creative costumes and special effects. All masterfully blended into an African inspired script, it tells the nativity story unfold with colourful wonder and creative interpretation.

Addmaya produced the promotional trailer for the production.

TV Commercials

addmaya-watoto-cantata-tale-of-3-kings-1 addmaya-watoto-cantata-tale-of-3-kings-2 addmaya-watoto-cantata-tale-of-3-kings-3 addmaya-watoto-cantata-tale-of-3-kings-4 addmaya-watoto-cantata-tale-of-3-kings-5 addmaya-watoto-cantata-tale-of-3-kings-6