DSTV This March


In March 2015, DSTV ran a promotional campaign for it’s subscribers rewarding top-ups or renewals with cool new gadgets.

Moringa/Ogilvy approached Addmaya to create a promotional TV spot with the same finish as the new DSTV identity. With some delicious mograph transitions and a carefully selected bright color pallet, the final promo is worth every replay.

TV Commercials

addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-1 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-2 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-3 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-4 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-5 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-6 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-7 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-8 addmaya-dstv-this-march-tvc-9