Introducing Mobile Wallet

Bank of Africa

As a way to win back customers from the ever-growing mobile money craze, Bank of Africa Uganda introduced a mobile banking service that is equally convenient.

Addmaya was hired to design the mascot and produce a wacky and dynamic TV spot. The animated spot features our lovely big-bearded mascot enjoying life while showcasing Bank of Africa’s mobile offering.

Animation, TV Commercials

addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-1 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-2 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-3 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-4 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-5 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-6 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-7 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-8 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-9 addmaya-introducing-mobile-wallet-10