Livara Shea Butter Cosmetics


It is not every day that you come across a local company designed with an international allure. Livara, a shea butter cosmetic company that makes hair products from locally grown material needed an identity. We designed a logo, collateral, an exquisite website, specialty brochures and product visualizations that have highly distinguished the company from the rest in the industry.

Photography by: Paramount Pictures, Uganda.

Branding, Digital, Graphic Design

addmaya-livara-shea-butter-cosmetics-logo addmaya-livara-shea-butter-cosmetics-packaging addmaya-livara-shea-butter-cosmetics-website-2 addmaya-livara-shea-butter-cosmetics-website-1addmaya-livara-brochure-1addmaya-livara-brochure-2addmaya-livara-brochure-3