Number 1 Internet Provider

Orange Uganda

Orange is one of the best Internet providers with the widest 3G coverage across Uganda.

For this commercial, MAAD challenged Addmaya to animate and morph between symbolic icons that described the nature of Orange Internet. A cheetah to stand for the fast Internet, a headset for good customer care and so on.

Animation, TV Commercials, Visual Effects

addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-1 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-2 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-3 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-4 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-5 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-6 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-7 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-8 addmaya-orange-number-1-internet-9