Parenthood Branding

Parenthood is a stage that almost everyone woman goes through.
In this TV Show branding, we created a design system that compliments the story of pregnant mothers from conception to the actual birth. The branding hinges on a bright color palette, bold type and snappy transitions.

Branding, TV Content

addmaya-parenthood_0000 addmaya-parenthood_0001 addmaya-parenthood_0002 addmaya-parenthood_0003 addmaya-parenthood_0004 addmaya-parenthood_0005 addmaya-parenthood_0006 addmaya-parenthood_0007 addmaya-parenthood_0008 addmaya-parenthood_0009 addmaya-parenthood_0010 addmaya-parenthood_0011 addmaya-parenthood_0012 addmaya-parenthood_0013