Qwela Mama Tokaba

Qwela Band

Qwela is a leading Ugandan band with a unique afro-soul flavor of music. Qwela’s seamless mix of instrument and voice tells the story of a mum who has seen a lot to hate life in ‘Mama Tookaba’.

Shot across rich Ugandan settings, the Music video celebrates the traditional African culture of lifestyle, family, dressing, nature and music. Addmaya shot, directed and did the post for this music video.

Music Videos

addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-1 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-2 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-3 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-4 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-5 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-6 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-7 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-8 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-9 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-10 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-11 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-12 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-13 addmaya-qwela-mama-tokaba-14