Sindi Wine Branding

Sindi Wine

Sindi Wine is a locally fermented wine named after a small village in Kabale by the same title. It’s a vibrant wine with flavours of pineapple and hibiscus. Sindi Wine approached Addmaya to create a distinctive identity to compliment it’s product packaging.

Addmaya crafted a logo to depict the cultural spirit and freshness of Sindi Wines. The logotype defies traditional Wine typography by rooting its story in the hilly landscapes of Kabale and the strong cultural roots of the Bakiga people. The mark features a vibrant four colour palette orbiting pineapple leaves in negative space.

On bottle labels, the logo commands a presence that tells the story of the Wine’s origin. Taste it when you come across it. You might just add it on your list of favourites.


sindiwines_logo_1 sindiwines_logo_2 sindiwines_logo_3sindwines_bottle_3