Talk to your grandparents and they will probably talk about the candle with a lot of nostalgia. In this TV ad, Moringa/Ogilvy wanted Addmaya to convey the history of light and unveil the modern super-bright free LEDs.

After a two-day shoot, we cleaned-up the shots in post-production and added an extra layer of butter smooth animations and transitions for the different light generations.

TV Commercials, Visual Effects

addmaya-umeme-super-led-1 addmaya-umeme-super-led-2 addmaya-umeme-super-led-3 addmaya-umeme-super-led-4 addmaya-umeme-super-led-5 addmaya-umeme-super-led-6 addmaya-umeme-super-led-7 addmaya-umeme-super-led-8 addmaya-umeme-super-led-9 addmaya-umeme-super-led-10 addmaya-umeme-super-led-11