Vodafone Saba Simu


To promote their first 4G phone dubbed Saba Ssimu, Vodafone needed a cool and sleeky TV Ad that would capture people’s attention. A concept birthed by JWT Uganda, Addmaya tweaked up the Ad with creative designs to bring it to life.

Animation, TV Commercials

vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_07_23.Still007 vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_07_14.Still001 vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_03_20.Still011  vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_12_18.Still009 vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_21_08.Still003 vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_25_20.Still005 vodafone_ssaba_simu.00_00_33_01.Still010