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Addmaya Turns 7/ The story of the Creed
March 15, 2016

The Seventh Creed is the inner voice, the intuition that you were made to innovate, to inspire and to change. With a vision to redefine the perception of design and help demystify it’s purpose in our daily lives, we started a journey...

Seven years down, we are still hungry. We hold onto the future, not in isolation but with everyone that walks alongside us - our clients, family, friends, fans and fellow artists.

We appreciate you all.

Latest Work

“When you mention Addmaya, four words come to my mind. Craftsmanship. Passion. Professionalism. Persistence.”Adris Kamuli - Creative Director, MAAD Advertising

House Fun

“Fun, open, honest and adventurous”Arthur - Design Colonel, Addmaya
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