Sparked Display at the Uganda Film Festival

  • 5 years ago
  • Film

Film is by far the most preferred storytelling method and over the years, Addmaya has been part of this blossoming art. Upon an invitation from Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) to exhibit at the Uganda Film Festival, we were able to showcase work we have produced over the years. This included; documentaries, short commercial films, doc-dramas, behind the scenes of different projects as well as merchandise like T-shirts and hoodies. Film is a core service that we offer and an art we greatly appreciate.

Addmaya’s Presence

Being the first time to display at the exhibition, we were brought in touch with the audience – the actual consumers of our work. Addmaya’s presence was like meeting Joss Whedon after watching all the Avengers movies and constantly wondering about the brain behind the magic. At last people’s skepticisms were fed.

Pointing at the Nomi White Christmas Ad playing on one of the screens, one of the people who came by the stall exclaimed,‘ I thought that advert was made from Kenya!’

stPascal (left) in a discussion with one of the people that stopped by the Addmaya stall.

Animation being one of Addmaya’s trademark, a lot of people were attracted to this beautiful art and great appreciation was awarded it. We also got to meet other artists, shared experiences, advice and generally had a good time. It was an experience to reckon.

Sprouting Art

The three day event attracted exhibitors such as; digital TV providers, film schools and colleges, cinemas, film production houses, Television and radio stations to mention but a few at the National Theatre.

Our attention was specifically grabbed by Ramon Film Production, Wakaliwood. Genius might be an understatement for the Founder Isaac Nabwana. In his stall were jibs, dollies that he personally welded. And did I mention the reflector he crafted out of a sack?

ramA selfie moment with Isaac Nabwana (second from the right). His company won the ‘Best Exhibitor Award’.

His passion for action movies and film generally has actually awarded him international recognition. The famed  Who Killed Captain Alex  movie was rated 7 out of 10 by IMDb in 2010. His word of advice – ‘Don’t wait until all conditions are perfect. Start now!’

Basing on the number of people that stopped by the stalls, most were students interested in art, design and film – a positive indication that film can actually flourish to become more professional. On the flip side though, the turn up was not so great. Could it be that Ugandans have not yet appreciated the local film industry or the event was not well communicated?

Otherwise, we are grateful to UCC for the opportunity to exhibit. We would do it again given another chance.

‘Don’t wait until all conditions are perfect. Start now!’ – Isaac Nabwana, Filmmaker.