The Diehard Thing

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It is true that fans make stars but they also make family. We learnt this earlier starting out the creative journey and it is on this pretext that we considered connecting with our fans every festive season. Christmas is a feel-good season that creates just the right atmosphere to give gifts.

Over the years, we set out to organize subtle but meaningful fan campaigns that gave us a chance to connect with those people that care about what we do. Those people that stop by office just to check on us, inbox us those encouraging messages when we’ve reached the end of our tether, those guys that blow our trumpet the loudest.

#AddmayaBox 2015

Wish Upon a Star, Three Wise Men are some of the names that identified the past campaigns. However, this year, we needed a name that is representative of the event and could eventually become a household name that people talk about and look forward to.

boxDesigns from the past campaigns.

Through a brainstorm, we arrived at  The Addmaya Box! Needless to say, the name satisfied our expectations. It wasn’t long before everyone was talking about the Addmaya Box.

Unlike the past campaigns where we set questions for our fans to figure out and win gifts, we gave it a different twist this time.

We identified eight Addmaya diehards and tasked them to vie for votes on social media to win the coveted Apple Watch and The Amazon Echo for the winner and runner up respectively.

12366414_1065951023438332_3994876240953620715_nThe 8 diehards that participated in the #AddmayaBox

For a moment we thought Facebook was going to shut us down.

The participation from the contestants blew us away. For a moment we thought Facebook was going to shut us down. Lol! Day after day, votes kept accumulating on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Internally, it was a question of how we were going to add up all the votes. Contestants created hashtags, designed shirts with our logo, created pages, designed minions and videos.

After a vigorous voting process, Solange Nolan emerged winner and Lynn kirabo runner up.

_Q8A2158T-shirts designed by  Solange 


It was a beautiful morning. The sun was peeping out the clouds after long awhile. One by one, the team and the fans filled the table reserved for us for the Addmaya Box Breakfast at Cafe Javas. Like old time friends, there were loud pats on the shoulder, firm handshakes and hugs. More than the food, was the love expressed through the interactions and the deep words that were said about the team.

_Q8A2073#AddmayaBox breakfast at Cafe Javas in Kamwokya.

“ Addmaya is a beautiful African fairytale. If you ever wander from any of the things that make Addmaya what it is, I will personally come and cane you,” Onyait Odeke a diehard fan warned.

“ Addmaya is a beautiful African fairytale. If you ever wander from any of the things that make Addmaya what it is, I will personally come and cane you.” ~  Onyait Odeke

The fans also shared their experiences participating in the Addmaya box challenge.

Edward Merik , a contestant who has participated in all the fan campaign says this campaign was different.

“ This campaign was the most stretching compared to the past campaigns. It taught me to value friends and relationships. The person with more friends definitely won. I now no longer take a like or comment for granted,” Edward recounts.

Lynn Kirabo, the runner up shared her experience of a friend who promised to vote for and instead hoaxed her and voted another person.

The Apple Label

It’s a world of labels. I don’t know your taste but we love Apple. It is not about just giving out any kind of gift. We always want to give the best – something that we wish was ours.

_Q8A2204Lynn and Peter holding the Apple Watch.

“ We give away products that add value to people’s lives and that is why we choose Apple products because they are very functional. Some people may say why the expensive gifts. What’s the point? To us, this is the only way to create satisfaction and actually connect with people who genuinely care,” says Arthur Nakkaka, the Art Director.

The Apple Watch was awarded to Solange. But where was the Amazon Echo for Lynn? We all waited in anticipation as she unwrapped her gift and to everyone’s surprise, it was an Apple Watch! Whoa!!