3 things that inspired us to redesign addmaya.com

  • 5 years ago
  • Case Study / Digital

For long, we had sacrificed our digital presence at the expense of executing other projects. Our website was stuck in the early 2000s. Our digital footprint was close to dead, with occasional stints of fan campaigns and give-aways.

Launch day drama. 

Last year, we resolved to take a step back and start over. We purposed to design and develop a modern production house website that was inspired by 3 things:

Fixing a broken Foundation

The old addmaya.com was built when we were a year old. We were excited to get started and as a result built the website on a flimsy foundation. At the front, each page was laid out in good-old HTML. At the back, well, we had no backend. Everything was manual for quite some time. We later layered in a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and off we waved the website. We occasionally updated it and for all it’s worth, most clients have come to know us through it.

At the back of our heads, there was a growing feeling we had to reboot our digital presence.
The old addmaya website
The old addmaya website.

When we finally considered redesigning addmaya.com, it was clear everything had to be re-engineered. Putting together a feature page had to feel effortless and updating our portfolio had to be simple and better streamlined. The design had to be vibrant and responsive.
Structural foundation of the new Addmaya website
Structural foundation of thew new addmaya.com
The new addmaya.com leverages the latest web technologies to deliver a modern website. The front end is powered by HTML5 and skinned using CSS3. Our new Javascript layer adds interactivity in subtle ways that make the experience more enjoyable. At the back, a new customised Wordpress CMS has been re-written. Each individual page is a collection of modules that are plugged into dynamic pages. To deliver the website in many hands, we’ve had to adapt the design (using CSS3 media queries) across different device resolutions while still delivering the same rich content.

Recalibrating our identity

The new addmaya.com made us think beyond our website. We had to go back and answer the core questions about our identity. Which colours represent us? Which font, layout style, voice, tone and more? In the end, we’ve had to streamline everything about our identity.
The new streamlined Addmaya Brand identity
A more streamlined Addmaya brand identity
Our new identity is built using 3 foundational colors: red, green and blue – the square pixels we admire every day. Inspired by Helvetica, Pragmatica gives power and prominence to article headings. Franklin Gothic, a realist sans-serif typeface spells our body copy.
We’ve taken these identity cues and brought them to our new website, to give it a cleaner, simpler and friendlier look.

Unveiling the website

Talk about an IPO and you will have everyone’s head raised. Well, at least those that follow the stock market. To unveil the new Addmaya website, we needed an idea that would draw attention.

Initially, the first idea was to tell the world that Addmaya is out of business. On close contemplation though, the idea was revised basing on the repercussions it would carry. After immense deliberations, IPO was put forth and we rolled with it. We got down to finding a name for the IPO away from its actual meaning and we settled for ‘Improved Portfolio Online’.


Within 3 days, the teaser created a tremendous thrill far from what was intended. We received calls from investors, bankers, a news agency and even the Capital Markets Authority. The teaser informed the company about its popularity in the market and how many people would actually invest. On 4th August 2015 12:30pm, we dropped the bomb, launched the website and spelled out our version of the IPO to the world. Fans, friends and clients were both ecstatic and boiling-hot red over the redefinition.

“Haha you had me fooled. Had lined up my pennies to invest. Great publicity! I’m loving the new site” – Sam

A new digital Chapter

The new addmaya.com is built around 3 core pages; work, profile and stream. Together, they represent our digital foot print.The work section is our portfolio, a living proof of whatever we set our hands on. The profile is an exhaustive archive of our journey, services, processes and more. The stream is a living, breathing curation of thought-provoking industry articles, tweets, behind the scenes and more.
The new Responsive Addmaya website
The new Addmaya website

In this age where consumers find information in so many places, a brand needs more than a website. It needs an approach, a timeless philosophy that transcends trends. To us, this is not just a website. We would like to borrow a term from the auto industry – ‘Showcase’. Our website is a digital showcase. It houses our thoughts, accolades and more. To us, it’s the first step in the new Addmaya chapter.